The 2020s

A group of writers in the 20s. No, you can’t have their names. Or their mobile numbers.

But they’re going to tell you what they think, about… everything. Theatre. Art. Architecture. Fashion. Movies. You name it, they have opinions.

You think you know what they think? Don’t you dare. With their perfect visual acuity, they have their eyes on the prize. So check back here every now and then, to see what they’ve been up to. Here’s what they say about themselves:

We are the future.

We are Malaysians who share a common interest in the many art forms that exist in our country.

We are the “Dan Lain-lain” generation.

We are students of the rakyat.

We are here to learn and understand our culturally diverse tanah air.

We are here to make change, to promote preservation and to further drive our art scene nuts.

We are here to remind you, not to scratch your back.

We are not here to satisfy personal grudges or agendas.

We are here to propose a discourse of “why” and “why not”.

We are here to watch our industry grow and to grow with it.

We are The 2020s at Critics Republic and we are happy to meet you.

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